Food Bank Subsidy

The Food Bank is a way that members can have access to the specialised foods for wildlife at subsidised rates.  The subsidy is currently 25% if purchased via a Food Bank Coordinator.  Bulk purchasing and the fact that the Hunter Wildlife Rescue receives GST refunds means you will pay a lot less that if you order the food yourself or – the most expensive option – purchase it from a pet shop.

Additional Items

Additional items such as Lectade, Spark and other first aid and rehabilitation  items may also be purchased through the Food Bank Coordinators.   The Food Bank products were expanded to include fish for seabirds and mealworms and crickets for birds in March 2014.  Phone them and discuss your needs.  If they can’t help you they will refer you to another Food Bank Coordinator who can.

Members Responsibilities

Members are responsible for making a time to collect the food from the Food Bank Coordinator and to pay correct amounts of money as requested by the Food Bank Coordinator.

N.B. You will not be able to participate in the Food Bank if you do not submit your fauna data.  The Management Committee is responsible for notifying the Food Bank Coordinator if a rehabilitator is not current with their fauna data submission.

Food Bank Coordinators

Anne Williams      Medowie    0498 040 541

Divetelac; High Protein Mix, Spark, Crop Needles (size 10 and 12); mealworms and other insects as requested.


Frozen rats and mice are provided by the University of Newcastle. There is only one Coordinator for collection/liaison with the University.


Members Support Policy:

Wildlife Food Subsidy Guidelines

This program will be implemented at the beginning of each management year (July – June) where a budget will be allocated. Once the budget has been reached the Management Committee will determine if further funding will be available based on the current income and expenditure for the year.


The Food Bank or wildlife food subsidy scheme was established to support members meet the cost of food items associated with rehabilitation of wildlife. Specialised foods are available at subsidised rates. The subsidy is currently 50% if purchased via a Food-Banker (this increased in March 2014 from 30%). Bulk purchasing and NATF GST refunds means members will pay less than purchasing individually. Additional items such as Lectade, Spark and other first aid and rehabilitation items and live foods such as crickets and mealworms, may also be purchased through the Food Bank. In March 2014, the wildlife food subsidy program was expanded to include fish, fruit, meat products and other foods purchased from supermarkets, fish co-ops etc) including fish for birds, fresh fruit for possums, bats, birds and meat for carnivores etc.

The goal of establishing a wildlife food bank is to
• Assist authorised members in the cost of rehabilitating Hunters’ wildlife.
• Strengthen the consistency of fauna data returns as per NATF Inc, Hunter Wildlife Rescue License.

To download a copy of this policy click on the link below.

Member Support Policy & Procedures Wildlife Food Subsidy

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