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Emergency Advice & Rescue

To report an injured, sick or orphaned animal phone:

0418 628 483 

Hunter Wildlife Rescue operates a 24 hour Call Centre staffed by home-based volunteers trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues.

For Marine Rescue such as dolphins, whales or seals phone the 24 hour ORRCA rescue hotline 02 9415 3333

DO NOT approach snakes, goannas, bats (flying foxes or microbes), large kangaroos or raptors (eagles, falcons or hawks).  These animals require specialist handling and MUST be rescued by trained wildlife rescuers. If you are unsure of the species please check the information & images in our website – Wildlife A-Z.

All wildlife that is sick or injured needs to be assessed by a vet before coming into care. You can assist by taking any injured animal to your local vet who will contact us to rehabilitate the animal. It is critical to get sick and injured wildlife vet treatment as quickly as possible. Most vets will take wildlife free of charge.


When reporting a rescue to Hunter Wildlife  please confirm the EXACT location where the animal was found.

Many young animals can possibly be reunited with their parents, if we know the exact location the animal was found. Many native animals are VERY TERRITORIAL and it is critical that we release them where they were found, when they are ready to release, to ensure their best chance of survival.

Volunteers may be called on for a multitude of reasons to rescue wildlife with injuries, illness or abandonment associated with

  • attacks by household pets or other animals
  • collisions with motor vehicles
  • destruction of natural habitat by urban expansion
  • entanglement: fishing line, netting, barbed wire
  • electricity wires
  • disease
  • extreme weather conditions: drought, fire, floods or storms100_8745 Under car at Edgeworth
  • fighting in the wild
  • geriatric
  • habitat loss
  • impact with windows
  • orphaned young
  • oil spills
  • parasitic burden
  • poisons & pollution
  • penguin in netting rescuetrapped
  • undernourished
  • unsuitable environment
  • weapons