What We Rescue

Volunteers may be called on for a multitude of reasons to rescue wildlife with injuries, illness or abandonment associated with:

Attacks by household pets or other animals on wildlife

Collision with motor vehicles

Destruction of natural habitat by urban expansion

Fighting in the wild

Extreme weather condition – fire, drought, flood or storms

Entanglement in fishing line & wire

Orphaned young


Poisoning, pollution & toxic waste

Oil spills in the harbour

Undernourished – the “face of the drought”

Old age & geriatric – cockatoos can live to 100+ years

Parasites – magpies fed incorrect diet are prone to parasite gap worm

Habitat loss is the biggest danger to our wildlife

Disease – wombat with mange

Impact with windows

We Need Your Help

To report an injured, sick or orphaned animal phone:

0418 628 483  or 0418 NATIVE

Hunter Wildlife Rescue operates a 24 hour, 7 days a week Call Centre staffed by home-based volunteers trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues.