Threats To Wildlife

Volunteers may be called on to rescue wildlife with injuries, illness or abandonment associated with a number of threats. Hunter Wildlife Rescue has a Call Centre operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our friends at Wires who are trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues. We need your help. To report an injured, sick or orphaned native animal please call:

Cat Attacking Killing Native Wildlife Hunter Newcastle Lake Macquarie NSW Australia
Attacks By Domestic Pets
Koala Hit By Car Roadkill Newcastle Hunter Lake Macquarie Port Stephens NSW Australia Rescue
Collision With Vehicle
Habitat Loss Land Clearing Urbanisation Wildlife Rescue Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter NSW
Habitat Loss
kangaroos fighting in the wild territory land clearance habitat loss
Fighting In The Wild
Extreme weather events
Extreme Weather Events
Bushfires Koala Burnt Climate Change Wildlife Threat
Donate To Hunter Wildlife Rescue Charity Tax-Deductible Not For Profit
Mange Wombat Wildlife Rescue Hunter Valley NSW Australia
Wildlife Entangled On Barbed Wire Rescue Hunter Valley Gliders Birds Newcastle Lake Macquarie NSW Australia
Kangaroo Wallaby Rescue Weapon Newcastle Injured Lake Macquarie Hunter NSW Australia Wildlife
Oil Spills Pelican Marine Wildlife Turtles Fish NSW Australia
Oil Spills
Pollution poisoning toxic waste wildlife rescue hunter valley newcastle lake macquarie port stephens nsw australia
Poison & Pollution