About Us

About Us

Hunter Wildlife Rescue (previously Native Animal Trust Fund Inc.) was the first animal rescue organisation established in NSW. Covering over 1 million hectares, our dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, sick, orphaned and distressed native animals back to the wild.

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Our Commitment To Wildlife

Our Commitment To Wildlife

Hunter Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity operated entirely by our network of volunteers. We have been rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals for over 45 years. With the assistance of WIRES, we operate a dedicated wildlife rescue line providing assistance to wildlife and the community across the Hunter region 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Our People

Our organisation is run completely by volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that all animals in our care receive the highest quality of care. Roles vary and change throughout the organisation – some members rescue, some transport, others care, and some take care of the essential business of running our vital foodbank.


Dedicated carers work tirelessly to rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife and prepare them for re-release. Some animals require round-the-clock attention for their feed and medication needs to be met. Orphaned wildlife require gentle rearing and eventually pre-release training to teach them life skills they will need to survive.


Our primary objective is to return all rehabilitated wildlife back to the area from which it came when they are healthy and are able to fend for themselves.‚Äč Returning native wildlife to their natural habitat preserves the integrity of our ecosystems and the populations of unique native species that live within them.


Our rescuers and transporters are an integral part of our rescue network. With dozens of calls per day, we do our best to attend incidents in a timely manner. Rescuers are tasked with safely retrieving and containing any native wildlife that may require assistance before transporting to a carer or veterinary clinic.

Our Partners

We are proud to work together with a variety of organisations and individuals who share our passion for wildlife conservation. Our partners include local businesses, government agencies, and fellow wildlife rescue organisations.

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NSW Wildlife Council
International Fund For Animal Welfare