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The Native Animal Trust Fund Inc. is now known as the Hunter Wildlife Rescue (NATF). It is a not-for-profit incorporated association, licensed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to RESCUE, REHABILITATE and RELEASE injured, sick, orphaned and distressed native fauna other than marine mammals in the Hunter Region, NSW.

 All native fauna in NSW is protected under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and an authority must be obtained to hold these animals.

 The Hunter Wildlife Rescue (NATF) was the first volunteer wildlife rescue group to operate in NSW and was licensed in 1978. It operates rescue activities throughout the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland, Port Stephens and lower Great Lakes local government areas.

The main objective of the Hunter Wildlife Rescue (NATF) is to return all native fauna back to its wildlife habitat when fit to fend for itself.

 All members are volunteers and there are no paid staff. Due to the broad area covered geographically , we are always eager for new members to join. We are looking for member who have a passion for wildlife and can contribute in any way as rescuers, transporters or rehabilitators.

 The part you play will be your own choice, from rescuing injured fauna, transporting from vet clinics to rehabilitators, rehabilitating injured or orphaned wildlife, manning a shift to help respond to calls for assistance and advice on the 24 hour phone, supporting its Disaster Relief operations or you can choose to be a financial member only (Membership Form) and just receive our newsletter Wildside.

We are indebted to community members who assist our injured, sick or orphaned wildlife by not only contacting us but by containing and transporting wildlife to the nearest vet.  This ensures  our wildlife receive the most immediate and professional veterinarian assessment available, pain relief and the development of a rehabilitation management plan for our volunteers to implement.

Hunter Wildlife Rescue (NATF) has a comprehensive Training program (see Education and training) and volunteers meet each March, June, September and December. More information may be obtained by contacting:

The Secretary

PO Box 17
or E-mail: