The First Wildlife Rescue Centre In NSW

The First Wildlife Rescue Centre In NSW

10 July 2017

On 14th March 2015, Hunter Wildlife Rescue (HWR) were able to relocate a donated AGL building to the Hunter Wetlands Centre, Shortland. Since then, we have been busy developing it into Hunter Wildlife Rescue’s administrative and educational base. This is where we hold meetings, courses and seminars.

As an educational centre open to the community, it has become a place where the community can inquire about volunteering, learn more about the diversity of wildlife found in the Hunter area and how to respond effectively to injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

It has enabled improved community coordination of emergency response in times of disasters associated with bushfires, storms, floods, extreme heat or chemical spills, when the Hunter Wildlife Rescue Disaster Relief Team is called to assist large numbers of injured and displaced wildlife.

For our volunteers, it is a home base with a separate training room with smart technologies. The centre exists to enhance volunteer’s knowledge and skills associated with best practice rehabilitation; a place to meet, reduce isolation, and develop pride in the contribution that volunteers make to the Hunter community.

Follow Our Progress!

  • 14 March 2015 – the building is lifted and relocated to its present site.

  • June 2015 – AGL staff joined with Hunter Wildlife Rescue volunteers to give the inside of the building a fresh coat of paint.

  • September 2015 – The first Hunter Wildlife Rescue (registered as NATF) General Meeting held in the Centre.

  • December 2015 – New carpet and vinyl is laid.

  • By January 2016, the Hunter Wildlife Rescue Centre was slowly taking shape as our operational base. The training room was fully functional after new carpet was installed and all training was finally being conducted from the new premises. The desks and new chairs and TV screen will made this an effective training hub for volunteers to learn best practice in the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned fauna. At this stage, we set our sights on developing the Administrative and Community Education phases of the Centre.

  • June 2016 – The Hunter Wildlife Rescue Centre received a new face-lift with the recladding of the building.

  • March 2017 – Construction of Disabled Access and Deck

  • May 2017 – Extension to create space for our Family Environmental programs

Our heartfelt thanks to the organisations who made the Hunter Wildlife Rescue Centre possible. Some of the grants & donations we have received are listed below.
  • The Commonwealth Government’s Stronger Communities Grant donated $13,000 and AGL donated $5000 to assist the Hunter Wildlife Rescue Centre build an outdoor family education activity space to run community environmental education activity programs.

  • The Telstra Disaster Relief Grant ($15,000) which supported the development of the Disaster Coordination Centre within the building with the installation of improved communications from within the centre and provided a wildlife disaster response triage area.

  • The Hunter Water Sustainability Grant ($4000.00) supported the installation of a watertank and development of a swale as a habitat for reptiles.

  • The AGL NGSF grant (2015) of $2300 was used to purchase timber for the disabled access ramp and deck.

  • The AGL NGSF grant (2014) of $2300 was used to purchase a smart TV and to send our Monthly newsletters and updates.

  • The Community Building Partnership Grant of $15,000 paid for the connection of water, sewerage and electricity.

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