A huge Thank You to Wires for supporting and funding Hunter Wildlife Rescue with food for our fauna in care which will also help our carers whom work so hard caring for the fauna. The funding will now allow us to continue the food bank free still to all our approved fauna carers. Wires have donated $12,000 to go towards a WILDIFE FOOD account to be set up so HWR can purchase fauna food through Newcraft a fauna food suppler in Sydney. Also Wires have nominated and were successful in getting 5 Woolworths stores throughout the Hunter to supply free fruit , veggies and meat to help feed the fauna in care with HWR. This is been done under Wires National Food Grant project and we wish to thank Wires for their support and help and to say how grateful we are receiving this funding and support.
A huge Thank You to Wires for a $12,000 Donation for food for fauna in care and successful nomination for supply of food by Woolworths. Thank you Wires!

PERSONAL DECLARATION UNDER CURRENT PRIVACY LAWS: After attending the initial introductory course, we will seek your permission to pass on your basic details (name, address, e-mail contact, phone number only) to members of HUNTER WILDLIFE RESCUE (NATF) to assist with rescue and other general matters.

All native fauna held by members is subject to National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW licence MWL0001 00266. Members who wish to become involved in the rehabilitation of native fauna are required to undertake approved training and have facilities approved before the appropriate authority may be issued.

*Persons under 18 years are not permitted to rescue and rehabilitate native fauna.