Immature Black-necked Stork Rescued, Rehabilitated & Released

Immature Black-necked Stork Rescued, Rehabilitated & Released

11 June 2019

On 19 May 2018 an emaciated immature Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) was rescued at Tomago within the Hunter Wetlands National Park, it weighed 2.7kg (half the expected weight of a bird of this size). One of our volunteers cared for ‘YellowBlue’ over two months in a large outdoor aviary. Whilst with the volunteer YellowBlue ate daily a kilo of fish and/or prawns and squid as well as hunted insects, by 22 June it weighed 3.85kg. YellowBlue was banded to enable identification post release and by 25 July weighed 4kg. At this weight it was released on Hexham Swamp and monitored over a couple of days. Since its release YellowBlue has been sighted at a number of different locations with the last sighting documented at Myall Quays April 2019 where it appears to have made its home. As most people have no idea the Black-Necked Stork lives this far south, the recent various sightings across Tea Gardens and the Myall Quays areas have been a joy to watch.

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