Blackalls Park Flying Fox Camp

Blackalls Park Flying Fox Camp

12 November 2023

Flying foxes are increasingly moving to urban areas because of the loss of their natural habitat. As a result, residents may have concerns about the impacts of flying foxes in their community. With funding support from Local Government NSW, we are working to restore and enhance flying fox habitat at Blackalls Park. The project will encourage the camp to move further from residential areas and reduce the impact on nearby properties.

Flying Fox Camp At Blackalls Park - Lake Macquarie Conservation Project

Following community engagement with Blackalls Park residents and the wider community, Lake Macquarie City Council has worked to manage the project site outlined below.

Between July and October 2023, Council has planted more than 25,000 native plants.

As they grow these plants will provide foraging and roosting resources for the flying foxes using this camp which will encourage them to relocate further away from neighbouring residences.

Previous revegetation in 2018 to the east of the current revegetation zone has already been successful with flying foxes observed using these young trees for roosting. The funding support from Local Government NSW will continue into 2026 as Council manages the camp and monitors the flying foxes in the area.

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